What do physicists refer to as the god particle?

However, it is so important to physics that it received the nickname of the God particle. Well, gravity physicists believe that the mediating particle is something called a graviton (it hasn't been experimentally confirmed). On the other hand, Genesis describes God apparently making the Earth and the universe exist and making the Earth a habitable planet in six days. Physicists have a kind of violent curiosity, since they spend billions of dollars building giant accelerators to make particles collide with each other in order to see what happens when the particles break apart.

However, its publishers didn't quite agree with that wording, so the title was changed to The God Particle. Physicists believe that forces require a boson particle to “mediate and transfer force between particles”. However, it is not an essential component of the Big Bang theory, in the opinion of all physicists and cosmologists. Bosons are called force-mediating particles because they are all related to fundamental forces.

A CERN article (opens in a new tab) compares this to a pen placed on its tip, a symmetric system that suddenly tilts to point in a preferred direction, destroying its symmetry. Physicists have come up with a classification system to describe what has been termed the “particle zoo”. Thanks to accelerator experiments, many particles are ejected by collisions of high-energy particles and physicists have studied the properties of these particles. However, as physicists populated the particle zoo with electrons, protons, bosons and all kinds of quarks, some pressing questions remained unanswered.

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