Is the god particle a quark?

Mesons and baryons have more mass than leptons and are made up of even smaller particles called quarks. For electrical and magnetic phenomena, the boson particle is the photon, which is a “particle” or quantum of light energy. On the contrary, the inflationary Big Bang has an almost instantaneous expansion of the universe followed by a very long process in which particles, atoms, stars and galaxies form. Physicists have come up with a classification system to describe what has been termed the “particle zoo”.

Physicists believe that forces require a boson particle to “mediate and transfer force between particles”. The mass of the particle is deduced indirectly by considering which particles exit the collision event. The strong force is only activated when the nuclear particles approach more than ten billionths of a centimeter from the nucleus. In fact, billions of dollars and hundreds of scientists and engineers have been working on the task of searching for this elusive particle.

The complexity and ordered rules that describe how particles combine to form other particles and then atoms are an indication of intelligent design. Quarks never exist separately from other particles, but they seem to successfully explain several observations of particle experiments. Well, gravity physicists believe that the mediating particle is something called a graviton (it hasn't been experimentally confirmed). However, there are other particles that can be found in space radiation or in particle physics experiments.

On the other hand, Genesis describes God apparently making the Earth and the universe exist and making the Earth a habitable planet in six days. Thanks to accelerator experiments, many particles are ejected by collisions of high-energy particles and physicists have studied the properties of these particles.

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