Is dark matter the god particle?

Together, dark matter and dark energy represent 95 percent of the universe (ordinary matter like you and me and the galaxies that surround us make up the rest). In the face of the new collisions, we hope to find dark matter, the invisible substance that forms the universe, understand the concept of the multiverse and explore additional dimensions, Professor Mohanty said. Now the collider has almost reached its expected energy, so exploration horizons are expanding beyond what physicists (theorists and experimenters) had projected many decades ago, Godbole said. India is part of two large Cern detectors, the compact muon solenoid (CMS), a general-purpose detector to study the standard model, search for additional dimensions and particles that could form dark matter, and a large ion collider experiment (ALICE) to study the physics of matter that interacts strongly at extreme energy densities, where a phase of matter called quark-gluon plasma forms.

In the past decade, scientists have learned how the “God particle” dies or decays, according to CERN. But, since you know what you're putting in, in terms of energy, if something is missing later, you may have produced dark matter in that collision. Other fundamental particles have a rotation in the middle, such as the components of matter, or a twist of one, as the messengers of fundamental interactions (e.g., Duffy thinks that dark matter is itself a particle, “something you can hold in your hand, something that is out there, waiting to be found”). Without a doubt, the discovery of dark matter would rank next to the God particle as one of the best so far, just because of its quantity, Duffy says.

Physicists around the world have been coming up with ideas to explain dark matter for a generation, but doing an experiment is kind of a success. Understanding dark matter is one of the motivations behind an ATLAS program dedicated to the search for new phenomena, called “physics beyond the standard model”. So how to find it? Since physicists don't know what dark matter is, they can't build a detector specifically for it.

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